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Instagram Stories and Snap Map Marketing Tactics

Using Instagram Stories Ads, Location and Hashtag Stories, and Snap Map to Engage Your Audience

Social Media is constantly evolving and shaping itself, which means social media marketing tactics are also changing all the time. This year, Instagram and Snapchat rolled out some new features that give businesses and organizations a few more assets in their toolbox to engage their audiences and promote their brands. Continue reading

Social Media Management: Watch What You Post

Social media management is one of the most beneficial tools in a company’s marketing strategy

Social media is a great way to promote your company’s culture and raise product/service awareness while driving potential customers to your website. It adds another layer to your customer service game plan and helps you target your customers with paid advertisements.

However, as beneficial social media is as a tool, it is just as destructive a weapon – and the damage is usually self-inflicted.

Think of how many people use social media. Facebook alone boasts 68% of U.S. adults as users, and 76% of Facebook’s total users visit the site daily. That’s a huge chunk of your existing and potential customers.

While inside jokes and inappropriate comments are common on personal social media pages, a company page is no place for that kind of communication. The public, including customers, prospects, the media, and your competition, heavily scrutinize company profiles. Anything you say on social media can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion.

To avoid any firestorms, designate a reliable social media management team. Make sure they understand the company’s goals for using social media and restrict access to these individuals. Giving too many people access opens the door of possibility for posts made in poor taste or outside the established lines of corporate culture.
Continue reading

Social Media Campaign: The Good, The Bad, and The Sprinkled

What’s been a hit on social media in 2017? What hasn’t?

A social media campaign is a unique way to engage, inspire and boost awareness of your brand. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give marketing teams a chance to be a little more casual and creative with a campaign to generate a conversation.

The thing about a social media campaign is that you’re never sure what’s going to take off. For every Oreo ‘Dunk in the Dark’ campaign, there are countless cautionary tales that change a hashtag into a “bashtag.”

Let’s review some of the most popular social media campaigns in 2017 so far to see what worked. Continue reading

PALO and Google Give Advanced Lesson in Digital Advertising

The World of Digital Advertising is Constantly in Flux...

And attendees of PALO Creative’s inaugural Grow Your Business Workshop Series got the latest insights from the internet’s top digital advertising platform – Google.

Some 60 business owners and decision-makers gathered at Café 422 in Boardman to hear from Josh Weum and Joe Papa, representatives from Google AdWords.

During the hour-long Google Hangouts video presentation, Weum and Papa shared information about the evolution of digital advertising, the benefits of advertising with AdWords – Google’s targeted pay-per-click internet marketing platform – and what companies can expect in the very near future. Continue reading

Optimize Your Digital Advertising with a Google Partner

Key takeaways:

A Certified Google Partner benefits from feedback, specializations, and direct Google connections

Clients benefit from Google product expertise, precise ad targeting, and optimized ROI…no wasted advertising dollars!

Want better ROI for your digital ad campaign? Roll with a Certified Google Partner.

Here’s a little known secret: business owners don’t care how many businesses are advertising on Google.

We could try to ‘wow’ you with research about the more than 1.2 million businesses advertising on the Google Search network in 2014, and the more than 1 million websites that were part of the Google Ad Display Network that year. Or we could boggle your mind with stats like how Google AdWords served an average of nearly 30 billion impressions daily in 2012, or how Google commanded 31.1% of the global digital advertising market and 40.5% of the global mobile digital advertising market in 2014, or how 82% of total U.S. paid search ad spend in 2015 was with Google.

We could do that. But if you’re a business owner, you likely have no interest in the statistical minutiae of digital advertising. All you care about is how we, your digital ad representatives, will ensure that your customers see your ad ahead of the millions of others.

That being said, you should care if your ad agency is a Certified Google Partner. Continue reading

Brands Get Political…was it the Right Play?

Was the Super Bowl the right time and place for advertisers to make a statement?

Since President Trump’s election in November, politics have been the talk of the day. You can’t turn on the TV, check your Facebook, or even stand around the water cooler without catching some political conversations/debates/arguments.

super bowl commercials

Budweiser 2017 Super Bowl Commercial | ‘Born the Hard Way’

Days after Super Bowl LI, people were still talking about the political overtones in some of the ads. Super Bowl commercials are a phenomenon unto themselves; a portion of those watching the game does so only for the commercials, so it’s no surprise that the political angles of this year’s crop of ads would have people talking.

From the minute-long Budweiser commercial sparking immigration debates, to a Spanish-speaking mother and daughter walking up to a huge border wall in 84 Lumber’s spot, to Audi’s ‘Daughter’ commercial being labeled as liberal propaganda, Sunday was rife with ads that got people talking.

Freshman advertisers got into the act too. While hair care product company It’s A 10 poked fun at “four years of bad hair,” Airbnb struck a more serious tone with its ‘We Accept’ ad; a clear criticism of the president’s travel ban executive order.

But while this year’s Super Bowl commercials went against advertising’s generally accepted conventional wisdom of ‘keep your politics to yourself’, were these ads in poor taste? Let’s let the numbers decide. Continue reading

Biggest Video Trends for 2017

Redefining the Video Landscape

Key takeaways

  • 2016 was just the beginning of the online video surge
  • More companies are dedicating marketing dollars to video
  • Multi-platform video is the standard for success
  • 360 and aerial videos are the shiny, new toys
A little over a year ago, experts lauded 2016 as ‘the year of video marketing.’ But when you look at the trends toward the end of last year, it’s clear we only saw the opening credits.

Continue reading

Braking Point to Open Clinic in Columbus Area

Braking Point Recovery is wrapping up construction of its second treatment center. Located in Whitehall, about 10 miles outside of Columbus, it is expected to open Jan. 3.

The treatment center will offer two types of service: detox with supplemental living and intensive transitional day treatment. The center has 16 beds for the seven-day detox program — 10 for men and six for women, with genders separated on different floors.

“We’ve had a few inquiries on the process and procedure for getting treatment at the facility,” Rachel Weaver, clinical director, said. “There are some organizations in the area who don’t provide the types of services we do and will be looking to send us referrals. There is a big need to say the very least.”

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5 Reasons We’re Thankful For Digital Marketing

digital marketing

TACOS = Targeting. Analytics. Cost-efficiency. Optimization. Satisfied customers

Because tacos.

Every Thanksgiving, we sit back, eat delicious food, watch some football, and reflect on what we’re most thankful for. Family, good health, and Cleveland finally winning a championship all come to mind. But this year, the PALO team is thankful for something a little less conventional.

TACOS…and by that, we mean digital marketing.

To us, TACOS stands for Targeting, Analytics, Cost-Efficiency, Optimization, and Satisfied Customers. All layers are required to make a complete product, just like a delicious taco. And understanding how all those layers work together helps us put together some killer strategies for our clients, who are all pushing hard for more digital tactics in their marketing plans.

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Why Buy Media Through an Agency?

Whether you’re looking to get your voice heard on the radio, get some brand awareness with a billboard, or show off your new commercial on network or cable TV, it helps to have a plan. Too often, business owners receive “sale” package offers from media vendors, only check to see how many spots they’ll get, and then simply sign on the dotted line. This can be fine if you don’t have any goals in place, but what kind of company doesn’t have goals that it intends to reach?

Traditional and digital media buying of any scale requires research, schedules, and an understanding of how different media vehicles interact and complement one another in an overall campaign. All of that work requires time, which many business owner simply do not have. Working with an agency to buy your media allows you to focus on your business, and have the peace of mind knowing that your campaigns are taken care of.

Check out the graphic below for more reasons you should use an agency like PALO to buy media, and then give us a call for a free consultation!