Here’s how PALO Creative landed new patients for this local dentistry by leveraging a suite of digital marketing tactics and advertising campaigns. We walk you through our creative process, right down to the lead tracking and results.


Here’s how PALO Creative landed new patients for this local dentistry by leveraging a suite of digital marketing tactics and advertising campaigns. We walk you through our creative process, right down to the lead tracking and results.

The Challenge

Braydich Dental, a leading provider of dental health services in the Mahoning and Shenango Valleyswanted to increase awareness and attract new patients for its dental implant services. Google Ads proved beneficial in capturing leads; however, the client desired additional supportincluding display advertising, to work in tandem with existing marketing efforts.  

The Solution

PALO Creative®, a fully integrated, results-driven advertising and digital marketing agency, put into action a plan combining online display advertisingretargeting tactics and animated creative concepts to reach individuals seeking dental implants. Through our comprehensive and automated display media platform, hundreds of data providers, audience segments and retargeting capabilities are available to help achieve client objectives and operate successful display advertising campaigns.  

Here is the creative process and results PALO Creative achieved in its dental implants advertising campaign for Braydich Dental.

Display Ad Campaign Development 

Define Targeting & Approach  

To start the process, the PALO team used Google Analytics, which tracks and reports website traffic to analyze the behaviors and habits of visitors to the Braydich Dental website, specifically, the dental implants section of the site. Our analysis revealed visitors conducted an online search for implant-related queries before arriving on Braydich’s website. From these findings, a strategy utilizing website behavioral retargeting was applied to capture visitors through online display advertisements since they had already shown interest in Braydich and its dental implant services 

To complement the retargeting tactic, PALO developed a custom search retargeting segment to appeal to online users through specific keyword behaviors. In this scenario, when an individual searched the phrase, “dental implants,” display ads would later appear as they browsed other sites on the web. With a variation in tactics, approach and messaging, Google search and display ads worked in tandem to attract prospective clients and move them along the buyer’s journey.  

Display Ad Creative Development  

Once their target strategy was finalized, the next step in the marketing process was to create advertisements based on their audiences’ core interests and needs. After discussing their options, the PALO Creative Department strongly agreed display ads would offer a powerful visual, while successfully communicating the benefits Braydich wanted to convey.  

PALO’s creators brainstormed and mocked up several concepts, including one showcasing a real patients’ results with dental implants and another with an animated look calling out specific challenges faced by individuals experiencing dental pain.

Both ad concepts were executed in the marketing plan. By running two variations of the advertisement, also known as A/B testing, PALO reviewed the results and measured differences in performance. Keeping the budget in mind, the team optimized the campaign based on the highest performing creative in terms of lead generation. 

Landing Page Development 

PALO is a HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Partner, which means clients have access to an all-in-one marketing, sales and service platform to implement inbound marketing, gather valuable insights and land new customers. Employing this digital tool, PALO built a landing page – also known as a lead capture page or destination page  linking directly to the display ads mentioned above and highlighting Braydich’s dental implant services. The landing page featured patient testimonials, information about dental implants and a sign-up form to request a free dental exam.  


Performance & Results  

Utilizing HubSpot landing page and tracking URL, PALO was able to follow the journey of new leads and attribute them back to the Google search and display ads. Here’s an example of a lead PALO acquired. The individual clicked on the animated display ad, visited the dental implants landing page and requested the special offer. This person scheduled an appointment with Braydich Dental and was later converted into a new patient.  

Key Takeaways: 

  • Animated display advertisements show higher click-through and conversion rates compared to static image ads 
  • Including a special offer and CTA (calltoaction) attracted users with greater purchase intent, resulting in higher conversion rates 
  • HubSpot tracking software allowed PALO to attribute leads directly to marketing efforts and collect additional contacts for future communications, closed loop reporting and ROI 

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