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Trumbull Manufacturing

While Trumbull Industries’ market and customers are very traditional, a trend toward tablet usage by engineers prompted the company to work with PALO to develop a more mobile-friendly website.

The company’s existing site was loaded with catalog and product information that needed to be reorganized. Because the site wasn’t responsive to different sized screens, it made product spec tables very difficult to read. Spec tables include detailed technical information, including product SKU variations.

Products only had a few photos, if any at all, and images weren’t presented in an organized fashion. Downloadable product materials, including owners manuals, installation instructions, and maintenance information, were usually buried at the bottom of each product page.

PALO worked closely with Trumbull Industries to reformat the entire website and make it mobile-friendly. Product information and spec tables were neatly organized and arranged so they are easier to display on a tablet or mobile phone.

Downloadable information documents are positioned higher on the product page so visitors don’t have to search for them. Each product also has multiple images and drawings organized in a gallery.

PALO employed Trumbull Industries’ comic book branding elements and incorporated them into a complete website theme, including graphics and fonts. Designers ensured to maintain a professional look while keeping the design fun and interesting.

Briarfield: The Inn at Poland Way

As Briarfield planned construction of The Inn at Poland Way, PALO worked to establish the assisted living’s place in the community before shovels broke ground, and to build public awareness so residents were ready to move in when the doors opened.

Media relations played a key role in PALO’s strategy. We worked with Briarfield to arrange a groundbreaking event where Briarfield executives addressed local media, local elected officials and other public administration on their plans.

PALO leveraged the media coverage to build public awareness and keep Poland Way’s development top-of-mind with the primary audience – local residents in need of assisted living and their families. Because the target demographic responds more to traditional marketing tactics, PALO utilized:

Direct Mailers with appropriate messaging and imagery to introduce the audience to The Inn at Poland Way and its assisted living and memory care services.

Billboards with consistent messaging, strategically placed along Route 224 in Boardman and Poland, so residents were always reminded of the forthcoming assisted living.

Continued Media Relations to keep local media advised of Poland Way’s construction progress.

In the days leading up to the grand opening, PALO worked with Briarfield and The Vindicator to create content for a special, 20-page insert for the newspaper. The insert was published with The Vindy’s Sunday edition the week prior to the opening.

PALO coordinated with Briarfield to schedule interviews with staff and residents, and planned, wrote, and edited stories for publication. We also conducted photography sessions after construction of The Inn Poland Way was complete. We worked directly with The Vindicator to ensure all articles and photos were delivered on time to meet the newspaper’s deadline.

The insert ran in conjunction with a press release that went out to all local media.

Once doors were open and residents began moving in, PALO coordinated media events for the grand opening and a blessing of Poland Way’s entrance, great room, residents, and staff. Briarfield invited Monsignor William Connell of Holy Family Parish in Poland to conduct the blessing.

Next Steps
The Inn at Poland Way is moving in residents at its expected rate, and PALO is working with Briarfield to put the final touches on the company’s new website.

The new website gives visitors a completely optimized user experience with:
• Easy navigation
• User-friendly calendars and meal menus for each Briarfield location
• Updated location-specific photos
• Detailed information on location-specific services
• Contact forms to schedule tours and meetings

PALO 8: Do NOT Make These New Year’s Resolutions

“This is the year I’m going to stick to my New Year’s resolution!”

We’ve heard that line before. Not trying to be the Debbie Downer here, but out of the millions of people who make resolutions, only 8% actually cross the finish line. It sounds simple enough to set a goal and accomplish it, right? Then why do we constantly trip over our feet? For starters, a New Year’s resolution shouldn’t be proclaimed during the fifth champagne toast. The reality is, many of us set dreams that just can’t be met rather than achievable goals.

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‘Your Ad Here’ NBA Takes a Shot with Creative Advertising

Ahhh…the end of fall. Leaves have vanished from trees and lawns, the holidays are approaching, and both the drive to and from work consist of complete and utter darkness. That can only mean one thing – basketball season.

If you’re from northeast Ohio, this is likely your favorite time of the year. Not because you enjoy scraping ice and snow off your car, or having to make small talk with great uncle Tony at Thanksgiving.

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This Just In…Facebook Business Page Posts Could be on Their Way Out

…Of users’ organic feeds, that is

Reports have been circulating on social media that Facebook is completely separating business page posts from the friends posts feed. While I have noticed a marked reduction of page posts in my feed, some are still coming through, and others I have spoken to are also still seeing page posts as they normally would.  

Rand Fishkin, the founder of MOZ and digital marketing authority tweeted this on October 19:

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Fender Riffstation Strikes Content Marketing Chord

What Can We Learn from Fender’s Content Marketing Strategy?

riffstationFor companies that make and sell something that’s nearly as old as our society, it can be difficult to keep up with today’s complex marketing landscape. The real giants are always looking for new ways to get out front and lead the way with innovative ideas.

When you think of Fender, Mobile Learning (or mLearning) might not be the first thing that pops into your mind. However, the 71-year-old musical instrument company moved into mLearning tools in a big way when it purchased Riffstation in 2015.

Fender is known best for its solid-body electric guitars, like the Stratocaster and Telecaster, made famous by such guitar icons as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Keith Richards. So, purchasing the Guitar Hero-style Mobile Learning tool makes sense. However, the innovative approach that the company took with utilizing the content is something all businesses can learn from. Continue reading

Mobile-First for E-Commerce Trumps Mobile-Friendly for 2018

Have an E-Commerce Website? Mobile-Friendly May Not Be Enough.

mobile-first e-commerce

Mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage for the first time in October 2016.
And it’s been surging forward ever since.

Last November, StatCounter reported that mobile devices made up 51.3% of global internet usage in October 2016, while desktop made up 48.7%. In August 2017, reported that mobile traffic now makes up 52.21% of internet traffic.

While desktop usage still outpaces mobile in the United States – 58% over 42%, respectively (StatCounter) – there is no mistaking the trend toward mobile devices becoming the preferred method of surfing the web.

That said, we’ve seen a powerful shift toward mobile-first in website development.

That’s not to say mobile-friendly isn’t still relevant. It’s been a big part of website development for the last decade, and there are still plenty of companies out there who are still running sites that seem shoe-horned into a mobile device. However, over the next few years, it is imperative that companies really think about a mobile-first upgrade for 2018. Continue reading

Digital Advertising Terms You Should Know, Part I

Communicate with Your Marketing Team Without Getting Lost in Translation

digital advertising terms

How many digital advertising terms do you know? Like any industry, marketing has its terms and jargon that can leave the layman feeling confused and disinterested. It happens to the best of us. When you’re trying to wrap your mind around something as complex as digital marketing can be, the last thing you need is a jargon-heavy description to lose you completely.

When we meet with a client, we do our best to ad-splain some of the more common digital advertising terms, but having a glossary comes in handy. After all, you wouldn’t visit a foreign country without understanding some of the key phrases, right?

Here’s a very comprehensive list of digital advertising terms that will help anyone get on the same wavelength as marketing geeks like us. Continue reading

PALO Creative Eyes Growth in Chicago/Midwest Market

Hires Erik Carlson to Lead Business Development in the Chicago and Midwest Region

(YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio) – A strong reputation can span miles, and PALO Creative is leveraging the reputation it’s built for 18 years regionally to make a splash in the Chicago, Ill./Midwest market.

In recent months, PALO’s president and CEO, Rob Palowitz, has made several personal trips to the Chicago area. After developing a network of professional contacts in the city, as well as surrounding areas, he’s seen opportunities where his Youngstown-based agency can make an impact. Continue reading