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At PALO Creative, we have the knowledge and experience to position private equity firms for growth. The deep-rooted goal of offsetting costs made by acquisitions is to have a proven formula that ensures business success. That is what we strive on providing, as an extended asset and partner of your firm. We will provide a packaged but customized game plan of marketing tactics that will be unique to each business unit, but modular to take a broad approach. Therefore, saving you time and resources, uplift your new investment and align it on a growth path. We understand brands must have value, otherwise they will not return a profit on the investment you made purchasing them, when and if you plan on reselling that business.

The portfolio of businesses you invest in are purposeful and consistent on needing a marketing plan and effective strategy. That is the reason why they may not be flourishing and providing the opportunity to improve your EBITDA (Earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization). Whether it’s because the business has been transferred to family member or the current owner is ready to retire, the fastest way to help that business is to apply some growth tactics with strong marketing methodology and sales enablement.

PALO Creative is a results driven agency. We watch and monitor the ROI of your investment with detailed monthly metrics and reporting. All these reports are shared with you along the way to show improvement of the buyers journey and lead generation KPI’s established.

One of the most common areas of opportunity for improvement to move the needle is taking ownership with improving their web presence across the board. That would include helping reshape and retool the website, social media rehabilitation, pay-per-click search, email marketing and marketing automation, to name a few.

If you are a managing partner of a firm and would like to have a discussion with our President and CEO, please book an appointment today. It can be a candid and no obligation discussion.

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GamePlan for your Business Video Series

At PALO Creative, we have the X’s and O’s to create a winning marketing strategy to grow your brand awareness. Our proven gameplan encompasses modern and traditional marketing solutions executed by a team of sophisticated marketers utilizing the most advanced technology to drive more traffic, leads and sales. Your mission is our mission.


Who We Help Grow



Expanding your reach in the real world. We put your brand where your prospects are spending time.



Business owners and professionals are busy with the day-to-day operations. We provide the helping hand and attention to reach your audience and achieve your goals.



Managing the word on the street. Influencing what messaging the community hears and sees about your business.



Delivering excellent patient care, products and services are at the core of your business. We utilize data-driven industry experience to create comprehensive, compelling and converting marketing tactics.

How We Help

Pulse by PALO®

Without a process in place, you’re wasting precious time, energy, resources and most importantly, money. Our signature PULSE by PALO® is our analytical process we utilize for defining your marketing strategy to give clients powerful, innovative digital and advertising solutions that deliver true results.


Expanding your reach in the real world. We put your brand where your prospects are spending time.



Analytically and strategically growing your business. We have the ability to generate revenue online, utilizing your digital assets for inbound marketing.



Managing the word on the street. Influencing what messaging the community hears and sees about your business.


Inbound Marketing Members Attract More Prospects & Leads


About PALO Creative®

PALO Creative is a fully integrated, results-driven advertising and digital media agency with a passion to exceed client goals. We love to deliver exceptional service by combining digital and traditional marketing techniques into a comprehensive solution using the inbound methodology. Our professional team specializes in marketing for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, finance, healthcare, private equity firms, and other professional services. Founded in 1999 by Rob Palowitz, PALO Creative understands what it takes to start, market and grow a business.