We love to flaunt our team. And we say team because that’s how we approach what we do in marketing and advertising for our clients. All our programs are executed with a full team strategy, whereas everyone is a key player with what they do. This is not an individual sport, as without key components of the team, with the strategy and players, all would be lost.

At PALO Creative, we’re ambitious, highly focused and determined to turn visions into real results. We achieve this with our talented team of big idea thinkers, digital marketing strategists, social media gurus, exceptional designers, creative writers and experienced videographers.

Let’s put a name to the face. We invite you to explore our team and get to know the marketers focused on your growth.

Rob Palowitz

President & CEO

In the last 20 years, Rob Palowitz has transformed a catalog design boutique started in his basement to a full-service marketing and advertising agency offering a robust array of digital and traditional marketing solutions. He’s an entrepreneur that loves everything about business and learning about success stories of his clients.



Linda Hughes

Operations Director

If you have a sweet tooth, then “she’s the one.” Linda is our baking champion who jams to Bruce Springsteen. Oh, she’s also our operations director and is awesome at keeping us inline and focused on completing tasks.



Ron Scirocco

Vice President of Marketing

This is Ron. He’s first in line to get a copy of the newest Rand McNally map, has a slight obsession with Peach Tranquility Tea from Starbucks and is a master organizer, which makes for an excellent project manager. With 23 years’ experience in marketing, he’s someone you can rely on to develop effective marketing plans and ensure all aspects of a campaign are running smoothly.



Don Dragish Jr.

Business Development Manager

Marketing. Design. Community leadership. Sales. Business development. Don Dragish Jr. does it all. As our new Business Development Manager, he’ll be building strong relationships with potential clients and making sure they understand how PALO Creative can help them reach their marketing goals. When he’s not busy cooking up new business opportunities, Chef Don is busy in the kitchen whipping up classic Italian cuisine for large family gatherings. Wine included, of course.



Troy Ledbetter

National Account Director

If you ever see Troy, you can always give him an “O-H’ and expect an “I-O” in return. When he’s not rooting on the Buckeyes, you can find him on adventures with his wife and two boys. As our National Account Director, he loves building relationships with his clients and seeing the work come to life.  



Kayla Statema

Account Manager

Kayla’s work ethic is tough to beat, but she enjoys relaxation too. Whether its gardening, woodworking or dreaming up the next vacation, she loves to spend time outdoors with her family. As an Account Manager, Kayla is always thinking of the client first by developing new strategies and managing many different aspects of a project. 



Hannah Keeling

Account Executive

When Hannah isn’t watching and listening to videos at 2X speed, she’s running on adrenaline-riding roller coasters, ziplining, and whitewater rafting. As PALO Creative’s newest Account Executive, she’s using her marketing and project management background to help clients understand the business benefits of strategic digital marketing and advertising initiatives.



Jackie Kane

Account Coordinator

Jack. JKane. Jackie. She’ll answer to pretty much anything as long as there’s work to be done. Once she’s had her caffeine boost for the day, she’s ready to take on the world. Whether it’s hanging out with her fam or prepping for her new career in marketing sales, she’s up for any challenge.

As a recent graduate of YSU, Jackie started as a marketing intern and is now joining us as an Account Coordinator. With a fresh Marketing Sales degree and an iced latte in hand, she fits right in with the rest of our coffee connoisseurs.




Jon Elias

Marketing Strategy director

He once received a DM on Instagram from Dave McMenamin. Who’s that, you ask? We don’t know either, but Jonno was pretty ecstatic about the news. A jack-of-all-trades, he’s focused on helping you grow through search engine optimization, media planning and buying and so much more.




Jim Komara

Marketing Strategy Manager

He’s a black belt. If they were to award that type of thing in digital marketing, he would have one. Have a question, or ten? Jim has the answers and more. He’s a forward thinker and can help grow your brand through defined goals and objectives.




Emily Monte

Marketing Strategy Specialist

Meet Emily, our marketing strategy specialist who’s always on the move. When she’s not busy crafting killer marketing plans for clients, she’s exploring new destinations around the globe. Emily’s marketing skills are as sharp as her sense of direction, which is why she’s great at increasing your visibility and conversions through SEO, SEM and other digital marketing tactics. 

emily skiingemily-sunsetemily-vacation


Makayla Pappas

Marketing Strategy Specialist

Meet Makayla, who is the proud parent of three fluffy ferrets who are always up for a cuddle session. When she's not making sure her furry friends are living their best lives, she’s busy crafting the perfect digital marketing strategy. Makayla has a knack for helping increase company visibility through thoughtful optimization and keyword implementation. 

makayla vacationmakayla ferretmakayla steelers game



Steve Plummer

Director of Creative Services

Make it unique. Make it real. Make it interesting. And make sure it says something. That’s what Steve tries to do with everything he touches. A huge music fan and art lover, he’s always on the hunt for something exciting and fresh. When not deep in thought, he’s either hiking, biking or just being outdoors, enjoying all the weather that Northeast Ohio can throw at him.



Eric Hamilton

Content Director

Eric bleeds scarlet and gray, is the pickiest eater you’ll ever meet and chugs Mountain Dew any chance he gets. Between chugs, he’s busy telling clients’ stories. During his days as a sportswriter, he covered games for newspapers in 17 different states. As Content Director, he brings 25 years of journalism, content marketing and PR experience to the PALO team. 




Steve Criado

Creative Director

Steve is still in denial over the 1990 NFC Championship game. Don’t ask. So, he stays productive through creative design and problem solving. He’s all about helping businesses discover their identity in developing a powerful brand that’s unique to your industry.



Jackie Klanica

Lead Designer

Jackie likes, no wait, she LOVES coffee. She is the lead designer for PALO Creative. She specializes in print and web design with work that wows clients. Jackie collaborates with you to conceptualize your vision into a work of art that draws attention to your business.




Vince Bednarik

Graphic Designer

When it comes to Marvel and fantasy football, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more knowledgeable than Vince. But that’s not where his expertise ends. Where he really excels is designing clever, nuanced and thought-provoking logos to establish powerful brand identities. Not to mention his impressive composition, layout and illustration skills. So yeah, he does a little bit of everything.



Scott Lendak

Content Writer

You can find him curled up like a potato in front of his TV rooting on his fantasy football team or watching a Marvel or Star Wars movie. So yeah, he likes his screen timeBut that’s good for Scott, who aims to connect clients with customers through thoughtfully written content.




Bella Palowitz

Creative Marketing Associate

Lights, Camera, Action! If you watch Empire or Chicago Fire, you’ve probably seen her on as a guest star. Outside of being a television star, Bella has a love for astrology and journaling for fun. Her creativity goes beyond the screen, as she specializes in creating graphics, social media posts, blogs and newsletters.



Nick Cabuno

Web Developer

Meet Nick, the coding wizard who feels at home behind a computer and on the softball field. But when he's not playing softball, bocce, or video games, Nick is busy bringing his front and back-end coding skills to life. He's a master at imagining and building new ways for people to interact with products, and his passion for innovation is contagious. Whether he's competing in athletics or creating a cutting-edge site, Nick is always pushing himself to be the best he can be.




We are a team that’s professional and sophisticated, but not conceited. We at PALO know how to utilize technology to build your business. But we also enjoy a good conversation about something fun.

We celebrate the milestones and motivate each other to new ones. To be a team, you need to get personal and enjoy each others company. You cannot do that being behind your computer or phone all day. Go get a breath of fresh air and make a cup of coffee. The gears will be churning here at PALO!

Be A Part Of A Winning Team

Are you a leader, innovator and doer? If you answer yes, then we want to talk with you. At PALO Creative, we’re always looking for talented individuals who have a passion for helping to grow businesses through sound marketing practices. So, let’s talk today.