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Meet Our Team

From visionary strategists to skilled designers and insightful communicators, our team embodies a collaborative spirit that fuels our clients’ success. Explore the profiles and personalities of our team members and experience the synergy that defines Palo Creative.

Management Team


Rob Palowitz

president & ceo

Ron Scirocco

senior vice president

Linda Hughes

operations vice president

Jon Elias

marketing strategy vice president

Client Success Team


Don Dragish

business development manager

Troy Ledbetter

client success director

Hannah Keeling

client success manager

Jackie Kane

client success associate

Marketing Strategy Team


Emily Monte

marketing strategy specialist

Creative & Content Services Team


Steve Criado

creative director

Jackie Klanica

senior designer

Vince Bednarik

graphic designer

Eric Hamilton

content director

Scott Lendak

lead writer

Bella Palowitz

creative marketing associate

Web & Technology Development Team


Jim Komara

web & technology director