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Streaming Audio Advertising Future Trends: What’s Next?

As discussed in Part 1 of this blog series, streaming audio, just like social media, has revolutionized our media consumption and preferences. Preprogrammed content is quickly being replaced by personal choice. While this trend is not new, it is...

Streaming Audio Advertising: Benefits and Trends

Back in the day - we’re talking 2001 or 2002 - were you one of the millions who deserted traditional radio programming and instead embraced the new phenomenon of satellite radio? Were you Team Sirius Radio or Team XM Radio?

Voice Search: Potential Customers Choosing Talk Over Type

Potential customer: “Hey, Alexa, find commercial painters near me.” 


If you happened to be the owner of a commercial painting company in the area where that customer is searching, hopefully, Alexa would have found your business. Unfortunately,...

Chatbots: A Unique Way for Prospects to Better Interact with Your Company

To be a successful business marketer, your expertise must extend beyond thorough knowledge of your product or service. You and your team must have salesmanship. People skills. Business savvy. A scientific mind.

OTT Advertising Meets Potential Customers Where They Are - Online

Marketing is a science. We're talking behavioral science – psychology, sociology, and behavioral economics. Effective marketing is rooted in analyzing human behavior – how they think and feel, what they believe, what motivates and influences them,...

Make Your Job Easier with a Social Content Calendar

Have you ever heard “work smarter, not harder”? Of course, you have. Because if you’re like us, you don’t have enough time to work differently. And besides, if you’re not working smart already, then you have bigger fish to fry.

Christmas Ad Courtroom

The holidays can make or break a year. That goes for creatives as well. No pressure. Just create a holiday ad that will put the perfect bow on 2022. No worries. You have months to develop, shoot, edit, and push it out there for the world to...

Ever Heard of PBJ Marketing? It’s Kind of Like SEO + Google Search Ads


Bacon and eggs. Batman and Robin. Beyonce and Jay-Z.   


When you think about some of the best dynamic duos of all time, certainly those come to mind. And plenty of others. But if you haven’t yet combined SEO and Google search ads, you’re missing...

CMS Spotlight: The Benefits of HubSpot

There was a time, not too long ago, when creating a website was complex – too complex. Creating it forced you to be well-versed in various skill sets, from coding to designing to content creation, security and more. Then came the launch of Content...