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Ever Heard of PBJ Marketing? It’s Kind of Like SEO + Google Search Ads

Bacon and eggs. Batman and Robin. Beyonce and Jay-Z.  

When you think about some of the best dynamic duos of all time, certainly those come to mind. And plenty of others. But if you haven’t yet combined SEO and Google search ads, you’re missing...

Why Online Reputation Management Matters and How You Can Improve It

In today’s fast-paced digital world, interacting online is as important as ever when trying to reach not only your current customers, but potential ones as well.

Google Featured Snippets: What You Need to Know

A couple years ago, Google introduced featured snippets, a strategy that provides users with a better experience when searching for information online. Years later, these snippets are not only giving users a better experience but also providing...

Google My Business: New Changes You Need to Know

So at this point, if you haven’t actively managed your Google listing, you should definitely take this as a sign to jump on the bandwagon. Google recently rolled out new features to help businesses better optimize listings and attract more customers.

DOYO Live: Be the Big Dot – Stand Out from Competitors

Digital Marketing: Google Local 3-Pack

At this year’s DOYO Live event on Thursday, Aug. 3, our SEO samurai, Jim Komara, is dropping some vital knowledge about the Google Local 3-Pack. Suffice to say, if you don’t know what that is, you need to be in...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Too Important to Cut

So, you’ve had a search engine optimization plan in place for about a year now and it’s working out well. Your search rankings have improved, you’re getting more website traffic, and you’ve increased your lead generation – the trifecta of a...

SEO for Modern Business

What Can’t You Learn from a Puppet?