PALO Digital Marketing Updates (4)

Streaming Audio Advertising: Benefits and Trends

Back in the day - we’re talking 2001 or 2002 - were you one of the millions who deserted traditional radio programming and instead embraced the new phenomenon of satellite radio? Were you Team Sirius Radio or Team XM Radio? 

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Voice Search: Potential Customers Choosing Talk Over Type

Potential customer: “Hey, Alexa, find commercial painters near me.” 

If you happened to be the owner of a commercial painting company in the area where that customer is searching, hopefully, Alexa would have found your business. Unfortunately,...

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The Importance of a Brand Style Guide and How to Create One

Consumers are exposed to an overwhelming amount of information every day, making it essential for brands to cut through the noise and create a lasting impression. But there are two things that help brands create a lasting impression – consistency...

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Rob Palowitz Serves As Guest Auctioneer For Ursuline Fundraiser

Whether it’s cheering on the Ursuline Irish football team or offering production help with the Quarterly Alumni Newsletter, Rob is always looking for opportunities to support his alma mater.

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