Not Your Run of the Mill VP of Marketing

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Try to picture what the vice president of a company might look like. The odds are you’re thinking of someone who works tirelessly to protect the big picture. They might not necessarily dive into the smaller issues on the ground floor, but as second-in-command to the CEO, they are 100% focused on the bottom line and gaining an edge on the competition. 


On the other hand, maybe the VP you’re picturing takes a more hands-on approach, where they manage teams within the company to stay on task and provide as much support as possible. 


Luckily, we don’t have to settle for one approach or the other. We have both – wrapped up in just one person. 

The Evolution of Ron 

In May 2011, Ron Scirocco joined PALO Creative as a media and marketing manager. But that title only scratched the surface of what his role would become. Sure, he was hired for his expertise in media planning and buying, and account services, but in reality, he was a jack of all trades, helping wherever needed. 


While he didn’t have some master plan to work his way to the top, Ron noticed a real opportunity to grow the company.  Ron


Fast forward more than 10 years later, and Ron is now the vice president of marketing and continues to identify opportunities where the team can capitalize. But where his presence is felt most is in the daily 1-on-1 conversations to make sure each team member is heard and valued.  


Leadership comes in many forms, and Ron prides himself on a unique approach, which starts with empathy. This approach is less about talking and more about listening. That’s not a surprise, considering he grew up in an Italian family that values kindness and trust. 


But he doesn’t just put on an act at work. It’s who he is. And if you don’t believe us, you can just ask his partner, Chip, and two daughters, Olivia and Elena (just don’t bother Chip when he and Ron are watching Project Runway). 

The Routine  

But what makes Ron so effective at his job? Is it the hours spent on TikTok that spark creative ideas? Probably not. Sure, the marketing-related videos are cool, but he’s more interested in the videos of cute dogs and laughing babies. If we had to come up with a list of what makes Ron great at his job, it would start with organization.  


Ron starts his day with some tea and oatmeal or cereal every morning. Since he works remotely from his home in Shaker Heights, he gets on his laptop to run a virtual stand-up meeting with the team every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But before that, Ron organizes his tasks for the day and prioritizes them with sticky notes. That’s how he sets his daily goals. 


Ron spends most of his days managing accounts and consulting with clients. He treats clients the same way he treats everyone else – with respect. 


 “Clients want to know that you understand them and their business. They also want to feel    important and respected. And if you can do that with a little humor, the relationship will be a  success.” - Ron Scirocco, VP of Marketing

Industry Expert 

From when Ron first started in marketing to now, the main goal of growing businesses has remained the same. But how we help companies grow has changed entirely through vastly different media and tactics. When Ron started, marketing mostly ran through traditional-based media like print ads or news releases. But now, with so many other media outlets, the avenues for communicating with potential customers are endless.  


When Ron first started, web development wasn’t even a thing (hopefully that doesn’t age him too much). But now, having a website is one of the main priorities for a company looking to improve its brand. And Ron has continued to adapt and look for ways to evolve, just like he started doing in 2011.  

Home Life 

You can pretty much sum up Ron’s home life with one thing. Family. OK, maybe two things. Family and RuPaul’sRon2 Drag Race. Since Chip works from home during the week as a designer for the Cleveland Clinic, Ron and Chip get to spend a lot of time together. What can we say? Their love language is marketing ❤️  


Ron’s daughters are both in college (Olivia goes to Ohio State and Elena goes to Kent State), but he cherishes

every moment he can spend with them. He’s at his happiest when they all have a chance to go out to dinner together.  


So, there’s a little bit about Ron and what motivates him. His progression at PALO and expertise in marketing are impressive but not as impressive as the way he treats people. That’s why we are proud to have him as our VP of marketing.