Secret Santa, Ad Agency Style

Secret Santa

At PALO Creative, we love celebrating holidays, especially when gifts are involved. And that doesn’t just mean receiving presents. Our creative sides shine through gift-givingwhich showed during our Secret Santa team gift exchange. Need help with finding last-minute gifts for your coworkers? Here are a couple of ideas for the people in your office. 

For the Nurturer of the Office

Linda's Gift

Do you know the mom of the office that takes care of everything and everyone? Yeah, every office has one. And for us, that’s Linda, our Operations Director. Not only does she nurture everyone in the office, but she is also an expert at taking care of her plants. And trust us, she has a lot of them.


  • A coffee mug that says, “Plant lady fuel.” 
  • A plant crew neck that says, “Just one more” (plant) ;). 
  • A frame that says, “There’s no place like home.” 

From: Steph, Marketing Strategy Manager


Eric's Gift

For the Snacky of the Office

Every office has someone who munches on snacks between every word they type. We call that person Eric. Between his addiction to Mountain Dew and salty and sweet snacks, he gets all the fuel he needs to churn out great content. Of course, you can never go wrong with getting the snacky in the office a bunch of treats. 


  • A gift basket of snacks 
  • A Mountain Dew sign 

From: Jackie, Lead Graphic Designer



For the Crypto “Genius” of the Office

Jon's Gift

If your office is like ours, you have a crypto guy. You know, the guy who loves numbers and talks about digital currency like he’s the next Elon Musk. Well, for us, that’s Jon, our Marketing Strategy Director. Does he actually know much about crypto? We’ll never know. But he at least does a good job of pretending.


  • DogeCoin chip 
  • Digital crypto wallet 

From: Jim, Marketing Strategy Manager


Jackie's Gift

For the One in the Office Who Would Rather Be Cuddling Their Pets

No matter what else she’s doing, she’s not as happy as she would be cuddling her pups. Jackie is one of our designers and one of the most creative people at PALO. But when she wants to turn her brain off, she loves to get under a blanket and snuggle up with her two German Shepherds, Moose and Remi. 


  • Custom crewneck with graphic of her dogs 
  • Dwight Schrute blanket 

From: Kayla, Account Manager


For the One with a Big Personality 

It’s not often that you see the boss be the funny guy of the office, but we’re lucky enough to have just that. Rob is always making everyone laugh, so it was our turn to give him something to smile about. Sure, sentimental things are always nice, but it makes it even better if you can tie in their personality to the gift. 


  • Caricatures of him with family and doing things he loves (fishing, hunting, golfing) 

From: Team PALO


Happy holidays, friends!

There you have it. But in case you don’t have these types of coworkers at your office, there’s one thing to remember when shopping: think about their personalities and interests. The most personal gifts are the best gifts. Good luck this Christmas! 

Rob's Gift