Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

Imagine this – you’re up against a strict deadline. Time is running out, and you have to think on your feet. You submit your work, waiting for approval on your decisions. A weight is lifted off your shoulders until your next decision needs to be made. 

It sounds exactly like life in marketing, right? While that’s true, we’re actually referring to our first-ever PALO Creative Fantasy Football draft!

Our team gathered together in the back room at Buffalo Wild Wings to draft our teams in late August. While some are fantasy football “experts” and others are first-timers, we all had a good time eating wings and drafting.

There are 10 teams in the league, split up into two divisions. And while our main reason for starting the league is to have fun, there’s no doubt that everyone will be competing for the first-place finish, which includes a customized fantasy football championship belt.

Competition brings out the best in a lot of people, and so does pressure. In marketing, there’s always going to be a tough decision or a tight deadline. It’s about how you respond to adversity, and we’re fortunate enough to have team members who support each other when faced with challenging tasks.

With everything we accomplish on a daily basis at work, fantasy football should be a breeze.