The Thanksgiving Food Scouting Report by Two Picky Eaters

The Thanksgiving Food Scouting Report by Two Picky Eaters

The holiday season is a time to gather with friends and family and reflect on what we’re grateful for. And at PALO Creative, we have plenty to be thankful for, including our loyal clients. But when it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s one thing we make sure to never overlook – the food.

There’s no better feeling than stuffing yourself at the dinner table and going into a food coma a few hours later as you’re watching the football games. There isn’t much better than a perfect Thanksgiving meal, from the turkey to the stuffing to the mashed potatoes and gravy.

We had our team choose their favorite Thanksgiving food. But instead of talking about everything we like about the dishes, we had our resident picky eaters Scott and Eric give their commentary and grade the dishes. So, if your favorite dish gets a bad grade, just remember that Eric and Scott’s taste buds are unrefined and similar to the taste buds of a first-grader. Let’s get into it!


Voted by: Linda, Bella, Steve Plummer, Jackie, Kyle

Analysis by Scott: “The good news about stuffing is that there are many different variations. The bad news is that they are all very average. The unknown that comes with stuffing is terrifying. With stuffing, I don’t feel in control of what I’m eating. However, its saving grace is that I had pretty good stuffing a couple of years ago at a party. But for the most part, stuffing is overrated. Sorry, not sorry.”

Grade: C-

Potatoes: Mashed with Gravy, Cheesy, and Parsley

Voted by: Brooke, Stephanie, Steve Criado

Analysis by Eric: “Simple, classy, and a staple to every Thanksgiving plate. Mashed potatoes with gravy are great for filling a plate. All the picky eaters out there know the trick of the trade – fill your plate with as little food diversity as possible. Potatoes are delicious and take up a big portion of the plate. I would strongly recommend.”

Grade: A if homemade, B- if from a box (you can cover bad taters with gravy)

The Kitchen Sink – Mashed Potatoes Mixed with Stuffing, Turkey, and Cranberry Sauce

Voted By: Rob

Analysis by Scott: “While this plate has a few things I’m not crazy about, you have to admire its efficiency and versatility. It’s like a five-tool baseball player because it can do a little bit of everything. The move to mix the foods is bold, but it’s crazy enough that it just might work.”

Grade: B-

Mac and Cheese

Voted By: Kayla, Scott

Analysis by Eric: “Kayla and Scott are wise beyond their years because mac and cheese is an elite dish during any time of the year. And nothing is better than a good homemade mac and cheese. You can never go wrong with carbs. If there’s ever a time when it’s OK to feel bloated, it’s Thanksgiving. So, bask in the cheesy goodness this Thanksgiving.”

Grade: A+

Bread Rolls with Butter

Voted By: Eric

Analysis by Scott: “Simple, yet effective. The roll really brings any meal together, especially at Thanksgiving. It’s always going to be the most consistent, dependable food on the table. It’s the food that you would trust to pick you up from the airport. Turkey can be cooked poorly, and sides can have funky recipes. But the tastiness of your roll comes down to the chemistry between you, the bread, and the butter.”

Grade: A+

Pickled Beets

Voted By: Jon

Analysis by Eric: “This is an abomination, and quite frankly, I’m insulted that I’m even commenting on this dish. You take two horrible things and put them together to create something even worse. Not only should pickled beets be outlawed, but they put a damper on the whole holiday season. OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but not that dramatic.”

Grade: D-

Pumpkin Pie

Voted By: Angie

Analysis by Scott: “Veteran pick here by Angie. Pumpkin pie is probably the most popular Thanksgiving dessert. I could go without the whipped cream, but either way, it’s top tier. Would I rather have cookies, cake, or ice cream? Of course, but it doesn’t get much better than pumpkin pie as far as the holiday goes.” *Chef’s kiss*

Grade: B+

Thanksgiving Smash – Turkey Dipped in a Concoction of Mashed Potatoes, Cream Corn, and Cottage Cheese

Voted By: Troy

Analysis by Eric: “The idea of combining food is acceptable one time every year, and that’s on Thanksgiving. So, the concept of Thanksgiving Smash is pretty intriguing, but the execution isn’t great. I don’t mind incorporating all those foods into the dish, but I don’t love the idea of using it as a ‘dip.’ The soupy consistency makes it much less appetizing.”

Grade: C

Well, there you have it. Two guys who know nothing about food judging our favorite meals. On the bright side, it doesn’t matter what they think, and we’ll all be able to enjoy our favorite meals with our favorite people this Thanksgiving.