CMS Spotlight: The Benefits of HubSpot

PALO-HubspotCMS-BlogImageThere was a time, not too long ago, when creating a website was complex – too complex. Creating it forced you to be well-versed in various skill sets, from coding to designing to content creation, security and more. Then came the launch of Content Management Systems (CMS), which changed how we manage content online. 


Creating a website became almost as easy as creating an account. Now, with the help of an effective CMS, all we must do is fill out the required modules without extensive coding knowledge. But how do you know what an effective CMS is?


Well, that answer is different for everyone. With your website being the front door to your business, it’s essential to consider your business model and needs when determining what platform to use. We’ll help you get started by giving you a deep dive into HubSpot CMS.


What is HubSpot CMS? 

CMS Hub is a cloud-based CMS where marketers and developers have everything they need to create unique, innovative websites revolving around the customer experience. It’s a cloud-based system that offers capabilities like email, analytics, blogging, SEO management, and more that cater to the needs of online businesses. 


HubSpot and PALO Creative® 

As a HubSpot Gold Partner, we can provide our clients with all that HubSpot has to offer. Couple this with expert web creation that utilizes other platforms such as WordPress, and we make a great partner to build sites for businesses of any size. Our team of experts can work closely with you to determine your specific needs, develop a plan that works for you, and leverage HubSpot’s features to create the best possible site for your customers. 


Ease of Use 

With built-in tools, HubSpot was designed to keep things simple. No third-party plugins. No technical knowledge required. No sweat.  


Thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily create content and customize websites without extensive coding knowledge or developing skills. And you can enjoy all its built-in functionalities without needing outside sources. 



HubSpot has recently gained interest in stacking its marketplace with a bunch of free and paid CMS themes. And while default themes are fairly rudimentary, CMS themes from the marketplace help you create a much more targeted website for your niche.  


Collaboration is the most significant advantage when it comes to HubSpot themes. Users can work closely with the developers who create themes for HubSpot to customize them and create easy-to-use websites. 


So, if you want to collaborate with developers to create a more blended and brand-loving feel, HubSpot is your platform. 



In order to improve your site’s performance, it’s imperative to optimize it for search engines. This encompasses a variety of optimizations, from web structure, mobile optimization, metadata structure, speed, and topical keyword usage.


CMS Hub includes a powerful SEO recommendation tool to pair with on-page SEO tools built into blog, landing page, and website page creation. Optimizing content is straightforward with HubSpot’s native content strategy tool and integrations with Google Search Console. 



CMS Hub comes with hosting and security services right from the start. With standard SSL certificates, a web application firewall, a global CDN, and 24/7 threat monitoring, you can take a deep breath, knowing that your website is secure. 


As a SaaS CMS, HubSpot aims to take care of delivering your content so you can direct your efforts to providing customers with a good web experience. One of the biggest benefits of HubSpot is that you don’t need to outsource hosting services. 


Content Creation 

CMS Hub was built for simple, straightforward content creation. And since CMS Hub is built on top of the HubSpot CRM platform, you’ll have all the data you need to tailor the customer experience. 


The advantages become apparent from the second you start working on your website, as you can easily create, modify and later add pages with simple drag-and-drop layouts. 


CMS Hub’s blogging and landing page tools are also simple to use, making it simpler to grow traffic and generate leads. 



Perhaps the biggest difference between the HubSpot CMS platform and others is that HubSpot doesn’t require plugins. Everything you need to deliver a secure, fast, functional and well-designed site is at your fingertips. And the best part is that there are no hidden costs. 


Here’s what you should take away: There are many effective CMS platforms, depending on what you’re looking for. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to utilize them to their full potential. But if you’re splitting hairs, HubSpot CMS (CMS Hub) offers many advantages that other platforms don’t.