Your Gameplan for Growth: Inbound Marketing Methodology

Marketing is evolving and at a fast pace. The tactics you came to rely on yesterday to get in front of your customers, may not be enough today.

Cold calls, direct mail, billboards, TV and radio advertisements – are all essential to promoting your business. However, these outbound marketing methods are NOT the driving force behind making a purchase.

The way people buy today has changed, dramatically. Think about the last time you made a buying decision: Did you wait to hear about a particular product or service on the radio? Probably not. Did you call a salesperson to ask about a service without doing your homework? Most likely no.

You did what all people do today. You went online, did your research – read reviews, compared products and made a confident decision before ever contacting the seller. That’s inbound marketing.

It’s a methodology that’s rooted in the idea that you’re not just selling a product or service. Rather, you’re making a positive impact and empowering customers with relevant and helpful content that’ll serve as a guide until they are ready to make a purchase.

People do not want to be interrupted with a “BUY NOW” advertisement. Instead, it’s about providing personalized value by raising awareness of a need and educating your customers on solutions to that problem. The result? Customers will be more likely to reach out to you knowing you’re there to help them, not sell to them.
What’s your Gameplan for Growth?

Running a business is like coaching a team. The difference between winning and losing is having a calculated and well-executed gameplan. To be victorious, you need effective marketing tactics, along with being organized and disciplined to stick to your strategies.

To learn more about implementing a game-winning strategy, download our Marketing Checklist.