HubSpot’s New CMS Hub – 5 Things You Need to Know by Rob Palowitz

HubSpot's New CMS Hub Graphic

When it comes to website management, HubSpot understands the frustration marketers and developers face, as well as the struggle it permeates with clientele and their marketing journey. The solution? HubSpot unveiled a new and improved content management system (CMS) called CMS HubIt’s a powerful, all-in-one software tool engineered to ensure you have all the resources to build and manage a website effectively 

Developers can create custom themes, modules and content structures to help with quick implementationMarketers have access to these pages to manage and make edits themselves – without impeding the progress of other projects. Lastly, if you’re building a website for a client, they get what they envisioned: a seamless and personalized experience on a website tailored just for them.  

How does CMS Hub from HubSpot deliver an all-inclusive web management platform with calculated features and functionality? Let’s dive in with five elements that will forever change site development and management.  

Easy Editing: Themes & Drag-and-Drop 

Now, marketers can make simple changes and updates to their site without relying on the support of a programmer or web developer. CMS Hub provides pre-installed web themes to use, making it painless for users to change items, such as colors, fonts, and more. Plus, developers have the opportunity to create their custom themes for marketers to leverage. The goal here is to make the entire process intuitive and straightforward.  

Simple changes are made even easier with the drag-and-drop function of CMS Hubthe marketer can easily add, delete and move elements around on a web page without messing up every other page using the same template. It’s a helpful tool for tweaking each web page to look exactly the way you want it.  

SEO Recommendations 

In 2020, what sets a business apart with their online presence is how well they rank witSEO. Search engines like Google are evolving around the clock, encouraging businesses always to be growing and adapting to new changes. It can be difficult to consistently stay on top of these updates, so CMS Hub eliminates those concernsIt has a built-in feature created to provide your site with SEO recommendations on a home screen; you can now stay up to date on how exactly you can improve your site and how to act on these changes at an entrylevel approach.  

Contact Attribution Reporting 

While making new changes to your site, you want to know which of these adjustments drive the most traffic and impact. CMS Hub makes it easy to monitor the impact of your site by providing contact attribution reporting made available on the backend dashboard. Now, marketers can view which content types, sources and campaigns generate the most leads and activity. From there, marketers can optimize their strategy to act on this new knowledge.  

Adaptive Testing 

Speaking of optimization, CMS Hub supplies the user with the power to continually optimize their website through adaptive testing. Adaptive testing allows the user to test up to five variations of a web page. HubSpot will track which variation performs the best, and automatically show page statistics to site visitors. This is another way that CMS Hub makes website optimization and customization a piece of cake for businesses. 

Platform Migration 

Already have a website up on another CMS? Not to worry. We can utilize the HubSpot migration team and 24/7 phone support to handle the task of transferring your site from another platform into the CMS Hub. With a HubSpot partner, like PALO Creative (HubSpot Gold Certified Agency Partner)the goal is to make migration a breeze.  This is where those website themes mentioned above come in handy. Together, HubSpot and PALO Creative will help you during any stage of the migration and redesign process. 

Why Your Business Should Upgrade to HubSpot’s CMS 

The features discussed are not the only ones CMS Hub is providing, but they’re some of the ones that immediately caught our attentionWe appreciate how simple HubSpot makes it to manage a website, and that’s precisely why we think businesses should hop on to the CMS Hub bandwagon. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or developer, you know how hard it can be to find the time to tweak your website and keep it optimized to the greatest extent. That’s why HubSpot developed their own CMS and built so many useful features to go along with it.  

Maintaining a high-quality website shouldn’t be agonizing, especially when it‘s one of the most critical tools to drive leads and sales. You should invest in the resources necessary to ensure your website’s quality and accessibility to provide customers with the best experience possible. With a package that includes website hosting, SSL (security) and software patches, you will keep things current and secure. 

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The difference in Plans of HubSpot CMS Hub 

HubSpot’s content management system (CMS) can be used for businesses of any size and designed to grow. CMS Hub is divided into two plans: Professional and Enterprise. CMS Hub Professional is intended to help growing teams build and manage their online presence. They have the non-technical marketer in mind with this plan, allowing them to change their website how they see fit through flexible and seamless customization options.  

Then there’s CMS Hub Enterprise, the most powerful content management software from HubSpot. This option is designed for aadvanced team looking for more control and the power to build web applications. It includes all of the professional plan features, as well as an assortment of other components: serverless functions, two brand domains, custom CDN configurations, and more. 

Both plans can bring your business’s online presence to the next level and increase the performance and traffic. We believe a website shouldn’t hinder a high-quality customer experience in need of updates and optimization. HubSpot’s CMS Hub is here to help marketers, developers, customers, and everyone have the best web experience possible. Ready to kick your content management software to a higher gear? Let’s talk and schedule your discovery call with us to explore your goals.