Are Display Ads Worth It? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Display Advertising

Let’s be honest: we’re probably all guilty of shopping for things we don’t need. We spend a lot of time browsing through the Internet, opposed to searching for a specific product we have in mind. In fact, we can probably all agree there are many instances when we’re browsing because we’re bored or exploring the latest trends. Since we’re so used to jumping from search to search, the importance of display advertising can’t be overstated.

Display ads allow you to showcase your business in high-exposure areas, where most consumers are absorbing their information online. We’ve already covered the difference between static and animated ads on our blog, but today, display ads are taking the spotlight. Display advertising may be the key to elevating your business’s digital presence and brand awareness, so let’s cover what display advertising is and how your business can benefit from it.

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is not a new concept, but with the constantly evolving world of digital marketing, it can be difficult to keep up with the many types of advertising platforms available for your business. Display advertisements appear on third-party websites, apps and social media platforms and aim to generate new interest in a company’s products or services. There are many ways to use display advertising, but animated and retargeting ads are among the most commonly used.

Animated ads are 5 to 10 second looped images or videos used in online marketing to draw viewers’ attention to your products or services with creative messaging. Animation adds visual appeal to your messaging and is highly engaging in comparison to static images. Using this type of advertising allows marketers to tell a story through moving images or video instead of relying on plain text. The animated elements grab viewers’ attention faster than static images.

Retargeting advertisements can also be beneficial to your digital strategy. Retargeting allows marketers to recapture viewers who have previously visited their website. This allows your business to reach users who have already shown an interest in your brand and shows potential customers how your products or services can solve their specific problems.

The Benefits of Display Advertising

Builds Awareness

  • While search ads reach users actively searching for your business, display ads help generate new interest in your products and services. They are known for having a high reach and appear on websites that potential customers will frequent.

Captures Attention

  • Display ads are created to purposely stand out. Think of them as billboards appearing on a website or app, where viewers are likely to stop scrolling to notice these ads popping up on their web page. Designers are free to be as creative as they want with eye-catching colors, rich media, typography design and more.

Prompts Engagement

  • Because display ads stand out on a page, there is a better chance that website visitors will engage with the ad to learn more. This is also a benefit of using animation, which naturally attracts visitors’ interest with moving images and elements. Additionally, display ads feature Calls to Action (CTAs) with the objective of motivating the viewer to take the next step.

Unique Targeting Capabilities

There are many unique advantages to running display advertisements, including several targeting capabilities to help reach your audience. This means less wasted budget on unqualified users and more exposure in front of your ideal buyers. Below are a few options available for our clients –

Geofence (Hyperlocal) Targeting

Geofence (Hyperlocal) Targeting

Reach local, motivated buyers by targeting prospects based on geographic location. While people are in this specific region, they can be shown ads as they browse on their mobile devices. For example, you could target individuals at your competitor’s business or visitors at a tradeshow. 

Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting 

Engage with potential customers by displaying ads on specific types of web content and categories they’re likely to consume (e.g., health & fitness websites, insurance-related websites, etc.). 

Search Retargeting

Keyword Search Retargeting

Target prospects based on the searches they have already conducted online for specific products and services. 

Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting

Reach consumers based on their past online and offline behaviors, interests, location and demographics.  


Are Display Ads Worth it?

If your business aims to gain more exposure and brand awareness on the web, display ads are a great option to consider. However, we recommend leveraging this tactic with other digital advertising platforms, such as social media and Google, for the best results.

Reaching the right people, at the right place, at the right time can be difficult. But thanks to the internet and the evolving digital world, reaching your ideal audience becomes easier with increased targeting opportunities and a better understanding of your options. For more on display advertising, check out Episode 19 of Gameplan for Growth here.