Okay Google – How Do I Help My Business Grow?

40,000 – That is the number of searches happening at this exact moment on Google. Let’s take a step back and we’ll see why Google is the world’s most popular search engine. On any given day, the website registers 3.5 billion searches which balloons to 1.2 TRILLION globally per year. We’ve come to know and rely on Google for super fast and perfect results.

Why is Google incredibly successful? There are many reasons why, but the most obvious answer has to be the smartphone. Take a minute and think about it. What is the first thing you do before getting out of bed in the morning? Grab for the mobile device? It’s okay, really, we won’t judge! According to a study conducted by the Deloitte Global Mobile Survey of 2016, 61% of people check their phone within five minutes after waking up. The percentage is even higher for mobile device users who check social media notifications, emails and text messages just before going to bed.

More than half of all Google searches occur via smartphone. We easily have the power to search for anything and everything from the palm of our hand, but many people may not realize the implications it can have on our business and how we reach and engage with an audience.

Enter PALO Creative. The advertising and digital marketing agency known for its fun and modern marketing techniques teamed up with Google to take people on a journey through the world of digital advertising. Fun fact, PALO is an official Google Partner, and its Grow Your Business workshop on December 7 provided an overview of Google AdWords followed by tips and tricks of utilizing digital advertising to understand the consumer and their habits unlike ever before, and apply that knowledge to precisely target an audience.

Meet Joe Papa. He’s a Google Strategist who knows a thing or two about AdWords. He served as the keynote speaker during the free event hosted at the Eastwood Mall in Niles, Ohio. Joe spoke via Google Hangouts to an audience of nearly 50 local business owners and decision-makers from a variety of industries including manufacturing, finance, retail and food. He started with the basics from how to set up an AdWords account to creating copy to attract and entice people to click on ads. Joe discussed how to utilize micro-moments as a marketing resource to reach an audience, provide them with a digital experience that is relevant to their need and offer a seamless customer experience across all screens and channels to measure the collective impact.

Participants had the opportunity to test their online marketing knowledge with a series of fact or fiction questions. For example, millennials are not making business-to-business (B2B) decisions. If you guessed fiction, winner winner, chicken dinner! Almost half of all B2B buyers makeup the millennial landscape.

Following the keynote presentation, attendees got their chance to ask away on anything and everything related to Google and digital advertising. PALO’s digital media director, Jim Komara closed the evening by talking about the various Google advertising vehicles that are available and how the agency can assist with marketing campaigns.

“It’s completely normal to be unsure of how digital advertising can benefit your business,” stated Komara. “That’s why PALO Creative provides a free consultation to talk with you and formulate a plan that helps your organization not just meet goals, but exceed expectations.”