What’s the BUZZ All About? Announcing PALO’s New Digital Marketing Podcast

We’re thrilled to unveil our brand new podcast about marketing and technology called PALO BUZZ. Our weekly podcast treats you to in-depth conversations between members of the PALO Creative team about topics related to digital marketing and technology, as well as feature industry news and updates, personal experience stories and fun interactions. For example, what kind of soda does Keith like to drink?

You’re sure to get a laugh, but also, learn information as we share with you interesting tips, observations and insight into the world of digital marketing. PALO BUZZ is available for streaming or download on SoundCloud.

The first episode of PALO BUZZ covers the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing and ‘traditional’ marketing, recent changes to Google search results and we introduce you to Ryan Kallok, the newest member of the PALO Creative team.