Is Zombie Brand Haunting You? Quick Tips to Raise Your Brand from the (Near) Dead

The risk of brands turning into zombies is very real. Brands have an infinite amount of challenges to deal with nowadays. Tried and tested tricks to stay alive just aren’t enough to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you have a case of zombie brand. But don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. We have quick and easy tips to bring your marketing back to life.

Revisit Your Target Personas

We can’t stress enough how important it is to update your buyer personas on a regular basis. People change, technology advances and marketing is constantly evolving. The most successful marketing initiatives today are driven by an ever-changing target demographic. Begin by revisiting similar questions you asked when you first created your personas.

  • What are the key characteristics?
  • Are there any new trends or changes?
  • How are you tying in your current marketing tactics to relate back to these characteristics?
  • Are there any new challenges personas may be experiencing?

After compiling your research, develop a list of marketing action steps that address the newly found information. This can provide your brand with the foundation it needs to rise from the dead.

 Refine Your Messaging

First and foremost, branding is more than just about looks. True branding centers on the message you are communicating to your audience. There’s never a bad time to analyze your messaging and make improvements where needed. Remember, the right message will capture your prospect’s attention faster. Once you analyze and refine, transform the message into a textual and visual expression that breathes life into your marketing (and scares away those ghosts of course).

 Give Your Brand a Fresh New Look

Improving visuals is proven to increase engagement and brand perception. Branding used in social media, advertisements, blogs and other content all create one unique image in a user’s mind. Visuals should tie in with your messaging, influence perception, be consistent with your brand and most importantly, engage your audience. If you’re noticing less engagement on social media and other outreach tactics, this is a great place to start making improvements.

 Consider a Fresh Campaign with a New and Improved Offer

This tactic can increase interest in your brand and generate new leads. By incorporating a new exciting offer into the mix, you can ignite activity and excitement associated with your brand.

So, if you need to breathe life into your marketing strategy, PALO Creative is here to help. Start with these quick tips or drop us a chat to learn more about how PALO Creative can resurrect your brand.