Why Buy Media Through an Agency?

Whether you’re looking to get your voice heard on the radio, get some brand awareness with a billboard, or show off your new commercial on network or cable TV, it helps to have a plan. Too often, business owners receive “sale” package offers from media vendors, only check to see how many spots they’ll get, and then simply sign on the dotted line. This can be fine if you don’t have any goals in place, but what kind of company doesn’t have goals that it intends to reach?

Traditional and digital media buying of any scale requires research, schedules, and an understanding of how different media vehicles interact and complement one another in an overall campaign. All of that work requires time, which many business owner simply do not have. Working with an agency to buy your media allows you to focus on your business, and have the peace of mind knowing that your campaigns are taken care of.

Check out the graphic below for more reasons you should use an agency like PALO to buy media, and then give us a call for a free consultation!