Dream Vacations: PALO Edition


Do we love our jobs? Absolutely. But there's something about looking out the window on a hot summer day while writing a blog that makes you think, "I wish I were on a beach right now." That's a daily occurrence during the summer. Maybe it's the 80-degree weather or the blue skies, but the weather is practically begging us to take a vacation and get refreshed for the end of the year.

Studies say that taking a break from work allows you to mentally reset and improve your focus. So, as many people in the workforce are starting to use their vacation days, we asked some team members in our office what their ideal vacation is. Here's what they said.


Jackie Klanica, Leader Designer
Ideal Vacation: A cabin in the mountains
"Adventures are always fun, but I like to relax on my vacations. I could spend the entire week in the mountains and cut off contact with the rest of the world. There is something just so peaceful about living in nature."

Eric Hamilton, Content Director
Ideal Vacation: Cross-country road trip
"Anyone who knows me would agree that I can't sit still (must be the Mountain Dew). That's why I couldn't just sit on the beach for a week straight. A cross-country road trip would allow me to visit several historical locations that I've always wanted to see, like the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. Or, anywhere with roller coasters, junk food, and cool stage shows."

Steve Criado, Creative Director
Ideal Vacation: Traveling Western Europe or visiting Ireland
"Ideally, I'd love to get out of the country and spend a week traveling Western Europe, starting in England, going to France, and ending in Barcelona. Either that or visit my wife's family that still lives in Ireland. There are just so many beautiful places I'd like to visit around the world."

Jackie Kane, Account Coordinator
Ideal Vacation: A tropical beach
"I don't really have a specific place, but I would love to go to a tropical beach with clear blue waters, bright sand, and a clean environment. Going to the beach is fun AND relaxing. It's the best of both worlds."

Scott Lendak, Content Writer
Ideal Vacation: New Zealand
"I'll be honest, I just typed in 'best vacation spots' on Google, and New Zealand came up. But that place looks awesome, so I'm in. I typically like to sit around and do nothing on my vacations, but I would love to explore a place like New Zealand. It looks straight out of a postcard."

Kayla Statema, Account Manager
Ideal Vacation: Thailand
"Honestly, the food alone makes me want to go to Thailand, but I’ve also seen so many great things about how clear and beautiful the water is. I've also studied abroad and have been looking forward to visiting other countries ever since.”

Steve Plummer, Director of Creative Services
Ideal Vacation: Disappear
"I tend to just vanish. Disappear without a trace. The location can be anywhere. The point is checking out, in order to recharge my batteries, I have to disconnect from the everyday. It could be an island in the Caribbean or a remote mountain trail that tests me physically. Either way, it’s total freedom to do, be and decide without having those decisions made for me. No computer, no TV, phone...possibly, but probably not. But no worries, I’ll be back. Promise.”

Nick Mrozek, Marketing Strategy Specialist
Ideal Vacation: Road trip to New England, stay in a cabin, go to fall festivals, stop at wineries and breweries.
"I would love to plan a road trip through the New England states, stay in cabins, and go to the fall festivals. Fall is my favorite part of the year, and I've always wanted to experience the wineries and breweries in those areas. Just call me Nicky festivals."

There you have it. Everyone needs an occasional break from the daily routine, including our team. It gives us a chance to recharge our creative batteries to break new ground.