When Imagination Comes to Life

In marketing, pushing the limit on creativity can be forgotten if you’re on an extremely tight schedule. And while taking the safe route is not always a bad thing, it can force you to lose the creative drive that keeps you motivated. At PALO Creative, we love when our Creative team takes risks and pushes the boundaries.

Our designers, Steve Criado, Jackie Klanica and Angie McQuistion, don’t settle. In fact, over the past two months, they’ve been thinking outside the box to deliver unique concepts. 

“I’ve been in design for 21 years, and Jackie and Angie are two of the best designers I’ve ever worked with. The trust we have for each other gives us the confidence to explore endless possibilities.” – Steve Criado, Creative Director 

For one of our clients, we created a comic book series about Red, a superhero dog that helps residents by delivering timely mortgage tips. But this idea didn’t just come to life overnight. After hours of brainstorming and planning the concept, it was time for the design team to put the final product together.

Stepping outside its comfort zone, the team researched a new digital program to master the complex animation aspects of the comics (animation within the animation). Once it was time to put it together, the project included a lot of trial and error.  

From rigging movements of the animations to editing within the time structure to fitting it on all platforms, there were a lot of things to consider. And yet, the Creative team wasn’t afraid to push its limits. And the result: a piece of entertaining and informative visual storytelling.  

One of our clients offers a product that generates 3D models of underground mines through mapping systems. Our team meticulously worked in Adobe After Effects to identify 3D points on a video in order to create planes for the scanned graphic to go on top of. In other words, they took a non-3D video and brought it to life by adding depth and dimension to show what the product does visually.   

Everyone on the Creative team has their own strengths, so with the chemistry and passion they share for design, anything is possible.