5 Reasons We’re Thankful For Digital Marketing

digital marketing

TACOS = Targeting. Analytics. Cost-efficiency. Optimization. Satisfied customers

Because tacos.

Every Thanksgiving, we sit back, eat delicious food, watch some football, and reflect on what we’re most thankful for. Family, good health, and Cleveland finally winning a championship all come to mind. But this year, the PALO team is thankful for something a little less conventional.

TACOS…and by that, we mean digital marketing.

To us, TACOS stands for Targeting, Analytics, Cost-Efficiency, Optimization, and Satisfied Customers. All layers are required to make a complete product, just like a delicious taco. And understanding how all those layers work together helps us put together some killer strategies for our clients, who are all pushing hard for more digital tactics in their marketing plans.

Here’s how the layers break down:


When clients come to us, we identify their ideal target audience. Not simply “Females between the ages of 25 and 54,” but really who that audience is. What are their likes, dislikes, and tendencies online? Do they have children? Are they getting married in the next year?

With digital marketing, we can target these specifics and don’t have to rely on casting a wide net. We can pinpoint the exact profile of the client’s ideal customer, geo-target them, and send them a custom ad message – all with just a few clicks.


Traditional marketing tactics, like radio and billboard, still hold great value. However, they can be difficult to track via analytics. Sure, there are ways to get an accurate estimate of how many cars drove by your billboard on a given day, but you can’t dig much deeper than that.

To run a great campaign, we need to be able to see what a prospect does after they view a client’s ad. Do they click the ad? How long do they stay on the landing page or website? What are the conversions?

With analytics from digital marketing, we get to see all of the interactions that users have with our clients’ materials, which is great for A/B testing different creative, or simply seeing how users are converting after clicking the ad, thus being able to attribute that conversion to a definitive source.


Simply put, digital marketing is much less expensive than traditional marketing tactics, like TV or radio. While traditional marketing can cost a company into the thousands, digital marketing can be done for hundreds, depending on the program.

And while some clients may be hesitant to change what they’ve been doing for years, the numbers don’t lie. Digital marketing can be just as, if not more effective than traditional at generating leads for a client.


There are so many options with digital marketing strategies. From content marketing tactics like blog writing, to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click ads, there are many ways to use your money online, all with different possible results.

The trick is understanding exactly what a client’s goal is. For example, a client who needs to break into a market has different needs than an established client who’s looking to increase business or introduce a new product/service. As such, one strategy will be more effective than another. And when working closely with clients, we can tailor a strategy that suits their goals.

Satisfied Customers

There is a laundry list of benefits to rolling out a digital marketing strategy. When putting the previous four layers into place, we can design a solution that improves a client’s brand loyalty and recognition, provides more conversion opportunities at higher conversion rates, increases inbound website traffic, lowers marketing costs, returns better search rankings, and creates and overall richer experience for their customers.

When a digital marketing strategy is firing on all cylinders, that makes for satisfied clients (and their customers) time and time again


A few years ago, digital marketing was considered ‘the next big thing’. Now, if you’re not somehow engaged digitally, you’re behind. Way behind. Any competitors who are employing some sort of digital solution are already poaching your media traffic and customer prospects.

For a consultation with PALO Creative on how digital marketing can help you, contact us today. You’ll be thankful that you did.