Optimize Your Digital Advertising with a Google Partner

Key takeaways:

A Certified Google Partner benefits from feedback, specializations, and direct Google connections

Clients benefit from Google product expertise, precise ad targeting, and optimized ROI…no wasted advertising dollars!

Want better ROI for your digital ad campaign? Roll with a Certified Google Partner.

Here’s a little known secret: business owners don’t care how many businesses are advertising on Google.

We could try to ‘wow’ you with research about the more than 1.2 million businesses advertising on the Google Search network in 2014, and the more than 1 million websites that were part of the Google Ad Display Network that year. Or we could boggle your mind with stats like how Google AdWords served an average of nearly 30 billion impressions daily in 2012, or how Google commanded 31.1% of the global digital advertising market and 40.5% of the global mobile digital advertising market in 2014, or how 82% of total U.S. paid search ad spend in 2015 was with Google.

We could do that. But if you’re a business owner, you likely have no interest in the statistical minutiae of digital advertising. All you care about is how we, your digital ad representatives, will ensure that your customers see your ad ahead of the millions of others.

That being said, you should care if your ad agency is a Certified Google Partner.

Certified Google Partner…what is that?

In a nutshell, a Certified Google Partner means that an advertising agency has:

Demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise

Delivered agency and client revenue growth

Sustained and grown its client base

Qualifying for Partner status gives the agency access to special digital advertising trainings and support, which it puts to work to better optimize a client’s ad performance. A Partner agency also has a dedicated Google ad representative, who offers immediate support for any questions or issues.

That last one is especially important. With the sheer number of advertisers using Google platforms every day (see aforementioned minutiae, having a direct contact for troubleshooting and feedback exponentially increases an ad strategy’s potential for ROI success.

Google Partners also have the opportunity to specialize in certain aspects of AdWords, including Search, Mobile, Video, Display, and Shopping advertising. These signify that the agency has reached a certain level of expertise and experience with a specialization. That’s good information for clients who are interested in those services.

All about Google AdWords

Google AdWords lets you target users across two main networks – the Search network and the Display network.

Search network – Refers to pay-per-click advertising, in which advertisers bid on keywords that are relevant to their business. Ads have a chance to display to users who enter the keywords as part of their search query. ‘Pay-per-click’ is also known as ‘paid search’.

Display network – Offers advertisers the option of placing banner-style ads on websites that are part of the Display network. The network reaches about 90% of global internet users.

That sounds great for an agency…but what does it mean for clients?

Look for the badge!

Glad you asked. Working with a Certified Google Partner gives an agency’s clients a competitive advantage through effective customer service and training that’s specifically geared toward digital advertising on the Google platform. Some benefits include:

Working with a certified AdWords account manager – For an agency to be a Google Partner, the employees who manage clients’ Google ad accounts must hold Google AdWords certifications. Google ensures those certifications are up-to-date and that the agency is maintaining approved best practices for account management.

Extensive analytics for ad optimization – A Google Partner must maintain a specific level of ad business with Google, which gives the agency a wealth of insight and unique first-hand experience into what works best in specific markets and industries. This allows for more precise ad targeting for better ad performance and ROI.

First look at Beta features – When Google develops a new feature or application, Google Partners get first crack at testing and using the feature up to a year before it’s available to the public. That means a Partner’s clients get to use the feature before their competition does.

No more lines – As mentioned before, Google Partner clients benefit from the direct contact a Partner has with Google. If problems with your ad campaign persist, it can normally take days to reach a resolution. But a Google Partner can address the issue immediately.

Most of all, working with a Google Partner gives you a competitive edge that helps save you money and get more leads for your business.

How do I find a Google Partner?

PALO Creative qualified for Google Partner status in Q4 of 2016. Therefore, businesses operating in and around the Youngstown area don’t have to look elsewhere for these services. Pretty convenient, don’t you think?

Learn more at a FREE informational Google Advertising Event hosted by PALO Creative, your local certified Google Partner!