GMB to GBP – What this Means for Businesses

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It’s not the first time we’ve seen a name change like this. First, it was Google Local Business Center. Then it was Google Places. Google+ Local. Of course, Google My Business. And now, Google Business Profiles. But besides the name change, what differences should you be aware of?


GMB is going away. What does this mean?  

For a long time, Google has allowed businesses to manage their listings directly in the search results or Google Maps. However, that’s not necessarily how businesses were utilizing GMB. By transitioning to the Google Business Profiles name, Google urges small businesses to manage their profiles in Search or Maps and not in the GMB console. 

As a result, the GMB web experience will transition to primarily support large businesses with multiple locations under the name “Business Profile Manager.” 


What’s new with Google Business Profiles? 

In the grand scheme, there isn’t a dramatic difference in how small businesses will aim to improve search rankings with local SEO and customer reviews. However, they still need to be aware of the subtle changes. 

The main goal of Google Business Profiles is to ease the way you access your business listings on Google. This will allow you to enhance your online presence more efficiently, reach potential customers, get discovered, and continue communicating with new customers. 

While the option to edit your Business Profile information from Search has been around for months, you can now complete verification or resolve other issues with your Business Profile directly from Search. 

Now, all you have to do is search for your company’s name on Google or the Google Maps app, where you can edit the information people see when they search for your business, like your address, hours, reviews, and more.  


Why is this important? 

For now, the interface hasn’t significantly changed. Still, over the next couple of months, Google will be announcing even more features of its rebranding, and businesses should be there to take advantage as much as possible.