Outside-the-Box Marketing Tactics Your Business Should Try

Marketing is an ever-evolving game. Strategies and solutions that were popular years or even months ago may not be as effective now. With search engine updates, algorithm alterations and developments in the ways that people consume content, marketers regularly adjust the ways they try to reach their audience. So, how do you win in a game that’s constantly changing? You can start by using outside-the-box marketing tactics to stand out above the rest. 

What are outside-the-box marketing tactics? 

Outside-the-box marketing tactics are strategies that are used less frequently than traditional tactics, such as emails or blogs. They provide value to your audience by presenting content and information in a unique way. These content pieces can include comic strips, eBooks, webinars, podcasts, interviews and more. 

Why should I use these tactics? 

We’re sure you’ve been told to think outside the box more than once in your life. It’s a common piece of advice given when you’ve reached a burnout or block in your creativity. Thinking outside the box requires you to step outside your comfort zone. It can be scary to try a tactic that doesn’t fit in the norm for your business and industry. But instead of thinking what could go wrong by trying something different, think about what could go right. What if by trying an outside-the-box marketing tactic, you become a trailblazer in your field? What if you spark greater creativity in others? What if your ‘crazy’ idea actually becomes the next trend in your industry? 

Have the wheels in your brain started spinning yet with these possibilities? If so, good – keep reading. 

Which outside-the-box marketing tactics should I try? 

If you’re not quite sure where to start with thinking outside the box, we have some ideas. But remember, the whole point of this is to take the road less traveled, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. Here are some ideas to start with: 

  • Comic Strips
    Yes, some things that are old may become new again. Comics combine engaging visuals with interesting and even humorous stories to gain a reader’s attention. Taking a light-hearted tone in some comic strips may prove to be more relatable for customers in certain situations that aren’t as serious. Addressing pain points in a comic strip can also give your readers something to relate to while also entertaining them. Creating a problem and solution comic strip that tells a story can be a great way to capture your reader’s attention and direct them to take action. This tactic is impactful because it’s different and unexpected, and it shows that your business is able to take creativity to the next level. 
  • eBooks
    Remember, when you write content, it’s not just about selling your product or service. Your objective should be to provide quality information that your readers can find valuable at a specific stage in their buyer’s journey. An eBook helps to answer the questions your readers are asking in an informative and reliable way. This tactic is certain to increase your credibility as you elaborate more on in-depth topics relevant to your business and industry. 
  • Webinars
    Webinars are online seminars that include a host, possible panelists and digital attendees. They’re beneficial when you’d like to host training events or engage in discussions with a group of people about a certain topic. It allows attendees from all over the country or world to participate in an insightful event, workshop or conversation. If you’re featuring panelists, they may also have the ability to share video, audio and screen captures to supplement your content. Webinars are a fantastic option when you have valuable information you’d like to share with a given audience. Additional benefits include increases in credibility, brand awareness and networking opportunities. 
  • Podcasts
    Podcasts are skyrocketing in popularity. People love to listen to these audio recordings while doing everything from walking their dog to researching for their career. Even though podcasts are a popular media choice right now, there are many ways to make your ideas outside-the-box. Consider talking about topics that don’t get enough attention, sharing some secrets of your business, featuring intriguing guests or coming up with your own unique ideas of conversation starters that will wrangle in a new wave of listeners. It may help to listen to a handful of podcasts related to your industry before creating your own to see what’s being talked about and what may not be getting enough spotlight. 
  • Client Testimonials
    If you’re having trouble marketing your own business, consider letting your clients help you with the task. Reach out to your customers every so often for testimonials of the products or services they use from you. Capture their honest opinions, and shed some light on the feedback that helps your business grow. You could display client testimonials through video interviews, podcast recordings, quotes in your eBooks or written content, through social media graphics and so on. 

Thinking outside-the-box is not a strategy that has a definite number of steps to take. It requires regular analysis of what’s being done, what’s not being done and ways you can be the trailblazer in both of these areas. Brainstorming is going to be a key component of this process, as it allows you to generate new ideas in a freeform way that will release your creativity. Any of these tactics will require you to do extensive research on your buyer personas to make sure that your outside-the-box idea will actually provide value to your target audience.  

When thinking outside the norms, don’t be afraid to test any of the ideas that come to mind, even if they sound crazy to others. Creativity is all about novelty and originality. Pushing the limit of what your team can do makes a huge difference in creating quality, engaging content that can gain attention and action. 

For more inspiration on outside-the-box marketing tactics, watch episode 21 of the Gameplan for Growth show.