Marketing Tactics March Madness

Now that our college basketball brackets are busted, maybe it’s time to fill out a different bracket. Sorry, we become obsessed with filling out brackets whenever March comes around. But this one is going to be different. We were going to create a bracket of the best desserts, but let’s face it, nothing holds a candle to Linda’s cheesecake. 

Instead, we decided to relate this one a little more to marketing. Many marketing tactics can lead to successful conversions, but which one is the best? What stands alone above the rest? We’ll help you decide.

Marketing Tactics Bracket

Direct Mail vs. Email 

In a first-round matchup for the ages, the battle between direct mail and email is closer than you might think. If you’re “new school,” you might think email wins this matchup easily. However, direct mail has a strong case too. Since there is much less competition in mailboxes than online, direct mail might have a better chance of making an excellent first impression. On the other hand, email is a much more measurable tactic. Within hours, you can see which messages were opened, who opened them, where they clicked, etc. It’s truly devastating that both of these tactics can’t move on to the second round. It looks like you have a tough decision to make.  

Email Strengths: Measurability, Low Cost 

Direct Mail Strengths: Less Competition, Physical Mail 


SEO vs. Pay-Per-Click 

When it comes to marketing tactics that get results, these two are always near the top. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a tough competitor, as its speed is tough to match. And let’s face it, instant lead generation is always a good thing. SEO is an equally effective tactic and poses a similar threat within the scope of this very fictional bracket setting. SEO is a more long-term strategy that increases high-quality website traffic organically. Good luck deciding which one of these heavy hitters is more deserving to move on to the next round.  

SEO Strengths: Increases Traffic Organically, Targets the Entire Marketing Funnel 

Pay-Per-Click Strengths: Quick Entry, Measurable and Trackable 


Blog vs. Public Relations 

Look, you’re reading a blog, so you already know how we feel about the importance of blogs. But incorporating public relations is also a great way to increase brand credibility and enhance relationships. It’s a very reliable tactic that’s been around for a long time, and it’s a very cost-effective way to increase a brand’s visibility. But blogs are very versatile. By writing them, you’re not only driving traffic to your website, but you can also help convert that traffic into leads. Which one do you have moving on to the next round? 

Blog Strengths: Drive Traffic, Long-term Results 

Public Relations Strengths: Increased Brand Exposure, Build Relationships 


Radio vs. Podcast 

Listening to something is so much easier and more accessible than reading. You could be driving, eating, or even closing your eyes while listening to audio. That’s why these two tactics match up well together. Over the past few years, podcasting has continued to grow immensely. The convenience of listening to whatever you want whenever you want is tough to beat. The main difference between the two is simple: radio ads can reach a larger audience, while podcast ads are more likely to reach an audience specifically interested in your company. What’s the right pick? Well, we’re not sure there’s a wrong pick.  

Radio Strengths: Reaches Large Audience, Live and Local 

Podcast Strengths: Targeted, Can Listen Anywhere at Any Time 


TV vs. Web Video 

Like radio vs. podcast, this matchup depends on what you value more; reach or targeting and measuring capabilities. TV has been around for a long time, and it’s proven to be very effective for many years. If you want to reach many people in a short amount of time, there’s no better tactic than TV advertising. However, web videos are incredibly versatile. You can measure metrics like completed views, conversions, and more to help target more specific audiences. Both are very useful, but what would make more sense for your company? 

TV Strengths: Reaches Large Audience, Viewers Spend More Time Watching TV 

Web Video Strengths: Targeting, Measurability 


Billboard vs. Display Ad 

This matchup contains two of our favorite tactics because they leave room for a lot of creativity. With billboards, you can create a spectacle. When someone drives by a giant billboard, it can leave a lasting impression. Likewise, a display ad can leave a lasting visual impact when someone comes across it. While the competition online might be a little trickier to navigate, the call-to-action is directly in front of interested customers.  

Billboard Strengths: Spectacle, Targeted Location 

Display Ad Strengths: Retargeting Capabilities, Visually Appealing 


Organic Social Media vs. Social Ad 

This is an evenly matched duo. However, despite these two tactics being on the same platform, they serve very different purposes. Organic social media is a fantastic way to grow your brand. Whether posting about your industry or even updates on your team, organic posts are great for awareness. Social ads are also great for brand awareness, but they are more effective for reaching a targeted audience. Organic posts give you a little more leeway to show off your personality, while the primary goal of a social ad is to push a call to action. Both are good, but only one can move on to the next round. 

Organic Social Media Strengths: Brand Awareness, Enhance Personality 

Social Ad Strengths: Targeted Audience, Improves Content Visibility 


Cold Calls vs. Soliciting 

It’s important to understand that cold calls are not spam calls. Cold calls are calls that you can make to potential prospects that you’ve shortlisted based on research. But you have not had any prior contact with these prospects. That’s what makes them cold. While cold calls are all about sales, soliciting can be a little more about building relationships and networking in person. They are two very different ways to create a potential client list, but they can be very effective.  

Cold Call Strengths: Push Sales, High Response Rate 

Soliciting Strengths: Personal Connections, Resolve Concerns in Person 


Every one of these tactics has a place in marketing, and every company is unique and requires a different strategy. In fact, at PALO Creative, we have used most of these tactics for various clients. But before you start using them, it’s essential to identify your goals. Then, all your dreams will come true.  

OK, maybe not, but you will be able to implement the most effective tactics to help your business grow to its full potential. If you’d like some help with that, let us know.