3 Ways to Grow Engagement with Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are giving businesses a fresh and creative way to engage and personally connect with audiences. With over 500 million users every day, businesses can’t afford to ignore the opportunity of capturing direct attention and feedback from followers. Instagram stories allow users to share sequences of photos and videos that are viewable for 24 hours and provide a more flexible and modern approach to social media marketing.

With several “sticker” options, businesses can develop interactive polls, quizzes, and even ask questions. Companies should use these to their advantage and promote relevant and personable content that aligns with growth goals. Just like any digital tactic, developing an effective approach requires time, research and planning. To help businesses get the most out of Instagram stories, here are three surefire ways to grow engagement with the photo and video sharing feature.

  1. Tell a Company Growth Story

With Instagram story’s unique capabilities, brands can share their most remarkable company milestones through a series of engaging photos and videos. Followers can view stories one after another, and easily share their thoughts and comments. Storytelling is a critical component of a marketing strategy and should be executed creatively to grab the attention and build the trust of potential customers.


  1. Use Instagram Story Polls for Company Feedback

Instagram story polls are a fantastic way to interact with followers and raise awareness about products and services with a fun twist. The feature includes two options; the classic poll and emoji slider. From product reviews or just wanting to learn more about your audience, Instagram story polls allow followers to share their input and get to know brands on a personal level. Start by uploading a photo or video to your story, tap the poll sticker, and type out a prompt and two options for followers to select.


Pro Tips

  • Share company announcements through a series of polls leading up to the big news
  • Share your brand’s expertise by quizzing them on a product or service
  • Have followers vote on specific issues leading up to a blog article
  1. Create Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram story highlights allow businesses to store multiple stories into an album directly on a business page. The feature provides a long-term advantage by making stories accessible to followers past the 24-hour limit. Highlights can be added directly from an existing story or by clicking the plus sign on the Instagram profile.


Pro Tips

  • Create highlights that target multiple audience segments
  • Promote company culture through employee highlights
  • Highlight company events and outings

Social media is evolving, and it continuously provides new opportunities to enhance current marketing efforts. No matter how companies use Instagram stories, content should always align with their brand and overall business goals. For additional tips, click here.