4 Essential Holiday Marketing Tactics for Social Media

It’s beginning to look a lot like…wow, it’s already that time of year? Before a mild panic sets in with getting decorations and shopping, you should know nowadays it’s super easy to get the things you need. More and more shoppers are turning to digital platforms, and the influence of social media on purchasing behavior can’t be ignored. By using social media as a tool this holiday season, you can be sure your brand gets the holly jolly experience. Start with these social media tips and suggestions to jump start your holiday marketing:

  1. Create a holiday social media calendar and schedule posts in advance

Start by planning out your holiday awareness calendar by choosing which days you’d like to highlight. Many days throughout November and December provide fun opportunities to promote engaging content while remaining true to your promotional efforts. Next, plan out visuals and messaging for each post. Make sure posts highlight your business’ holiday spirit while keeping a consistent theme across all platforms.

  1. Do a Social Media Contest

Who doesn’t love an awesome holiday contest to get people in the spirit of the season? It’s been proven social media giveaways get people excited. That excitement translates into spreading the word to friends and family that in return expands your brand awareness. This can be especially beneficial during the time of year where buying behavior is at an all-time high (Perhaps link buying behavior at an all-time high). Doing a giveaway in the beginning of November is a great method to get a jump on your holiday campaign. Plus, influences your followers to remain engaged throughout your remaining promotional efforts.

  1. Focus on storytelling and appeal to people emotionally

The holidays are a great time for brands to really connect with their audiences. By tapping into emotions that each holiday inspires, businesses can tell stories that engage followers. The most powerful holiday stories are heartwarming and make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Write a social post or collect a client testimonial that shares the story of when your business made an impact and touched a consumers or client’s life. Storytelling can build a meaningful connection between your audience and brand.

  1. Use a fun and festive hashtag

Hashtags provide social media users an easy way to track topics and also help increase exposure on your social posts. Creating your own festive hashtag this holiday season can give your posts their own unique twist and give them an extra boost. Here’s some examples:







The holidays are a perfect time to revisit your current marketing strategy and incorporate new and improved tactics to help create meaningful connections with your audience. For more holiday marketing tips, be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media!