Spread the Word! 4 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Facebook Reach

If your business is on Facebook, then you may have noticed over the last few years a decline in the amount of views on some of your posts. Organic traffic, meaning how many people can find you on Facebook for free, has been on a downward spiral. Why you may wonder? Well, there are several reasons.

In a significant move to increase the user experience, Facebook made the decision to reduce media content in the News Feed. With an estimated 60 million Facebook pages, there’s a plethora of content and the social media network wants the best of it to be seen by users. Although these changes are great for users, they unintentionally made marketing harder for businesses. Changes to the algorithm have impacted businesses as they began to experience a significant drop in organic reach. Facebook determines if a post will make it to the News Feed based several variables. Engaging content will spread, whereas content that doesn’t spark enough conversations will fade away and not organically reach your audience.

There are numerous methods to counter Facebook’s algorithms and increase your reach. Here are just a few strategies you can begin to implement today.

Quality Over Quantity
In the early days of Facebook, simply posting a lot of content was an effective strategy many businesses took advantage of. Instead of focusing on quantity, center attention on creating fresh, high quality content to encourage your followers to engage with what you’re posting. Appealing to emotions, being bold and thought-provoking are great strategies you can start to implement.

Segment Organic Content
It’s possible that not everyone who likes your page will find everything you post relevant to their interests, especially if your business carries a wide range of products that might appeal to only a fraction of your overall audience. Fortunately, Facebook has the ability to target within the News Feed, enabling you to segment your content to specific demographics such as location, age, and gender, as well as their interests.

Take Advantage of Video
Video content is huge across the web and Facebook is no exception. Uploading video content directly to Facebook has proven to increase shares, resulting in an increase of followers to your page. Facebook Live, a powerful way to broadcast live video streams to your followers, is a fun way to distribute video content.

Go Beyond Organic
If you’d like to see dramatic results to your Facebook page, you’ll want to consider using paid advertising. Paid advertising is an extremely effective way to raise awareness to your page and increase your following. A major advantage of advertising on Facebook is that you can spend as little or as much as you’d like and aren’t forced to spend a minimum amount. Additionally, Facebook has some powerful tools, which do take a bit of time to master, that enable you to have some control over targeting your audience, ad placement, and even bidding.

Despite the challenges faced with reaching your followers, Facebook is still an incredibly powerful digital marketing tool and will remain one for the foreseeable future. If your business could use some help engaging with your audience, PALO Creative can help. Our team of social media experts is experienced in all major social media platforms, including Facebook.