PALO Digital Marketing Updates | Digital Marketing (6)

Empathy in Business: 5 Ways to Make Meaningful Connections With Customers

How’s your audience feeling nowadays? As a business, you always want to know as much as you can about your customer base – their needs, behaviors and how they feel emotionally. With everything that’s been going on this year, having empathy is more...

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What’s the BUZZ All About? Announcing PALO’s New Digital Marketing Podcast

We’re thrilled to unveil our brand new podcast about marketing and technology called PALO BUZZ. Our weekly podcast treats you to in-depth conversations between members of the PALO Creative team about topics related to digital marketing and...

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Digital Advertising Terms You Should Know, Part II

Last week we gave you a list of common digital advertising terms and jargon to help you get familiar with just what the heck it is we’re talking about when we say “A/B Testing,” “Bounce Rate,” or “Conversion Tracking.”

Here are a few more digital...

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Digital Advertising Terms You Should Know, Part I

Communicate with Your Marketing Team Without Getting Lost in Translation

How many digital advertising terms do you know? Like any industry, marketing has its terms and jargon that can leave the layman feeling confused and disinterested. It happens...

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