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Are Display Ads Worth It? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Let’s be honest: we’re probably all guilty of shopping for things we don’t need. We spend a lot of time browsing through the Internet, opposed to searching for a specific product we have in mind. In fact, we can probably all agree there are many...

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Digital Marketing Update: The Good (and not so good) News about the Apple iOS 14.5 Update

Apple’s latest update is shaking the nation, and honestly, we’re not that surprised. The tech giant is known to roll out frequent product updates and features, but this one’s a little different – especially for digital marketers. We’ve compiled a...

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Google Analytics Guide: What is Direct Traffic & What Does it Mean for Your Website?

Whether you’re a business ownerfocused on growth, or a marketing professional expanding your knowledge,the more you know, thmore you canaccomplish.As your trusted source forall thingdigital marketing, PALO Creative is here to dive into the...

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Animated VS Static Ads: Which is Better?

We all know it: digital media marketing has become one of the most efficient ways to achieve one-on-one interaction by today’s marketers. Brands are scrambling to grab anyone and everyone’s attentionto build brand awareness and achieve more sales....

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